The forerunner of the pizza is made of wheat cake baked on hot flat stones. About 1,000 years ago, broken circular kneading wheat flour sprinkled with herbs and spices up aged appearance and became popular in Naples, Italy. Some other documents for that first pizza appeared to be in Greece.

Modern Pizza was born in 1889 when Queen Margherita Teresa Giovanni, the queen of King Umberto I of Italy visited Naples. Raffaele Esposito, owner of Il Pizzaiolo pubs Pietro, has been asked to prepare a special dish to welcome the queen. Esposito made a pizza with tomato, mozzarella cheese (a cheese made from buffalo milk) and basil, these components make up three red, white and green flag symbolizes Italy . He was named to the pizzas were Margherita. Then the Italians in other regions have devised all kinds of different people and create the kind of pizza typical of each region.

By the early 20th century, the pizza according to the Italian group emigrated to America. In 1905, an Italian American named Gennaro Lombardi opened a pizzeria-style American debut in New York. It was in America, pizza become a fast food delivered to your door. This style quickly became a familiar image all over the world especially after 1945. During World War II, soldiers from Britain, France, the United States for various reasons has been present in Italy. On return, they bring pizza methods of indigenous and often open donut shop delivered by way of the United States. To this day, the pizza has been in most countries around the world. In each place, we again give the cake its own culinary characteristics.

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