vnvn-web-design-about-usA type of flat bread, round, made of water, flour and yeast, after being incubated for at least 24 hours and molded into cakes round and flat shape, people put into an oven cooked.

Although today appeared in most countries of the world, but the pizza is still considered a signature dish of Italian cuisine and especially in Naples (pizza napoletana). In fact, according to common sense, you can find the other ingredients of pizza are tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. One of the most popular variations of pizza Margherita pizza is napoletana.

The origins of pizza is really still controversial. In addition, the many city Napoli also claim ownership of this dish. Moreover Pizza can understand in a broader sense is the word "Pizza". In fact, according to recent analysis, it also refers to a special kind of bread or pies, Pizza today there are countless variations, changes in both names and characteristics under each region. More specifically, in some areas of Central Italy, some savory baked goods, sweet, thick, thin, are called Pizza