Pizza Alla Pala

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vnvn-web-design-alla-palaTo get 1 pizza Tonda complete customer service, they must go through several stages in sequence and include the full range of ingredients, the pizza is made under the cake round shape 1 contact the oven, the cake is very popular shapes with classic pizza or pizza napoletana. On each one of the Italian regions, the cooking style carries its own characteristics.

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For 1 pizza or pizza al tagio put tray, then we must use to 1 large tray can circle or rectangle to bake, after the bakery will be selling cut at the request of customers. Version pizza is usually sold in the pizzeria, or at the bakery.
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Pizza alla pala (paddle-shaped, oval), similar to pizza leave mold, 1 large pizza and is sold by weight, but cooked to similar circular pizza, grilled pizza is also in direct contact with microwave oven.